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A podcast dedicated to raising awareness and de-stigmatizing Post Traumatic Stress.

Life, Triggers, & the Pursuit of Happiness.


Living with PTS doesn't look the same for everyone. Life becomes different for those with PTS, as well as the loved ones who are impacted by it.

Stressed Man
Crowded train station


A trigger is something that causes the brain to respond as though the traumatic experience is happening again, even if you are in a safe and welcoming environment. It could be a smell, a song, an image -- the list is specific to the person and event. But you are not alone.


Everyone deserves to be happy. Those with PTS often find it harder to find that same light due to the everyday struggle. You can recreate positive memories rather than the traumatic ones, and find ways to connect with organizations & others to develop those positive memories.

Friends Talking

Your Host.

Brandon Lankford, a retired Special Forces operator with PTS, shares his experiences and provides a platform for others to share their stories.


His goal is simple - help those that live with PTS.

Host of podcast Brandon Lankford
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